Get Your Loan with Max Credit

Max Credit is a licensed money lending firm in Singapore that gives different kinds of credit services to its customers. We supply a specialist service that could seldom be seen in other businesses. We’re an alternate resource for people who need financial assistance.

We provide four main types of loan services:

  1. Unsecured/Personal Loan
  2. Cash Advance/ Payday Advance
  3. Company/Business Loan
  4. Foreigner Loan

Each loan service fulfills a distinct need, and therefore, fluctuates in versatility and transaction scheme.

We’re in the business working together with individuals. That’s the reason we supply easy entry to our customers. Our specialist representatives are always prepared anytime to take your phone if there is a question regarding our solutions. You may reach us through email or phone, whatever is most suitable. You can even verify our FAQs (frequently asked questions) page for questions which have been tackled. In case you don’t get the details sufficient, or some thing isn’t clear, we’re here in order to make certain it’s clear enough to be understood.

Our site also supplies you more information regarding our diverse services. You can check each page of our site to learn more or you can even contact us immediately. Please be certain to see the part about loan application to learn how it is possible to apply for financing today.

We tried our best to guarantee that the procedure goes as efficiently as possible. But in order for us to do that, we want numerous details from you too. Our firm is well known because of its ethics and professionalism, therefore rest assured that we’ll manage your details with the discretion.

For the loan application requirements, you can check the “Eligibility & Application” page. Most loans need no less than a minimal age of 21 and an id card. The documents are required by some from work or business. Ensure you also see each specific loan types such as personal loan, payday advance, business loan or foreigner loan to understand what otherwise are required for your application. Be assured that we will even notify you what things to bring to the conference after we’ve established the kind of credit you exactly need.

The “Fees and Charges” page is furthermore a really crucial portion of our site. We strive to not just provide financial support but also train our customers when it comes to managing their funds, in order that they won’t be influenced by our solutions in a permanent way and won’t be buried in debt for the whole life. We don’t reside off our customers, but from your referrals of individuals they deliver our approach after we’ve totally covered their wants. We desire to become your partner in your day-to-day lifestyle in such a manner you’ll trust us to become here for you through your own time of need.

We establish relationships with our customers, and we plan to get the most useful by supplying nothing less-than the most useful. Phone us now and discover out how we could assist you to get by your financial problems. And as a registered money lender in Insolvency and Public Trustee’s Office, we can assure best service to all our customers.